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Exclusive learning programs

Look no further than Rising Star Learning Center for a small, dedicated, family operated facility. Our staff provides lots of love and structure for the children and enables them to learn through activities. Contact us today with any questions you may have and take advantage of sibling discounts where your second child gets 10% OFF!

Learning Through Creative Play

At Rising Arts Learning Center, arts and crafts play a major part of the children’s day. We believe children learn best when they use their creativity and imagination in an experiential learning setting. Instead of learning about sailboats by reading about them in a book, we draw sailboats or make one in a craft session. If we have a discussion about people living in log cabins in early America, we will create a log cabin out of blocks. If we are learning about the number 6, we will take a walk out in nature and count the number of items we see that have six parts. When dealing with 3, 4, and 5-year olds, we’ve found that learning through experience and exploration and imaginative play keeps their minds open and engaged.

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Little artist Healthy kids

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Healthy Kids                                                    

Our center is focused on helping our children grow up healthy and fit. We provide two healthy snacks each day, in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables. Whole grain products are also served each day as part of the lunch we prepare.

Staffs Fit kids

Fit Kids        

The children are encouraged to move around at various points of the day. Music, dancing, and outside play are part of our daily routine. The children are invited to play in our playground and use age-appropriate bikes, scooters, and various other kinds of playground equipment.

Early childhood

Early Childhood Curriculum

We follow the Pennsylvania guidelines for early childhood education.


Infants (6 weeks – 1 year)

We believe in forming a loving and trusting bond between infants and teachers. In addition to caring for the infants’ physical and emotional needs, the teachers help and guide the babies in meeting developmental milestones. The infant room is full of books, age-appropriate toys, and mats where the infants feel safe to move around and explore.


The infants are read to at various times during the day. They are also sung to and spoken to gently. Since physical contact is very important at this age, babies are held and rocked frequently.

Toddlers (13 - 24 months)

Toddlers are provided a loving and trusting environment. Their room is full of age-appropriate books and toys. They are encouraged to explore and ask questions. The toddler curriculum includes a theme of the week, a letter and number focus, and a sign.


The toddlers participate in circle time, which incorporates a lesson of the day. They also create each day, either through painting, gluing, or sculpting. Songs and poems are also introduced and sent home to sing with parents

and siblings.


Fine motor and gross motor activities are part of daily routine to aid in muscle development.

Preschool (3 - 4 years)

We are dedicated to the development of successful children socially, emotionally, and academically. The preschool program is designed to stimulate and motivate the students. There is a theme of the week and a letter / number focus.


Circle time consists of calendar activities, shapes, colors, songs, and sight-word recognition. During circle time, a lesson of the day is taught.


After circle time, the children are sent to a variety of stations including toys, cars and blocks, games, art, library, housekeeping, and dramatic play. At this time, the teacher works with small groups of children to reinforce skills.


Some of the lessons include name practice, letter and number practice, and reading. Science experiments and Social Studies are also part of weekly plans. Our goal is to motivate the children and prepare them for successful school years.

School ages

School Age (5 - 12 years)

We have a fun and exciting school age program.


Before School: Children have the opportunity to participate in small group activities such as building blocks, reading books, playing games, arts and crafts activities, and reviewing material for school.


After School: When the children return to Rising Star Learning Center, they are offered a snack. They are guided to the homework table where they can complete their work with a teacher’s guidance.


Weather permitting, the children are brought outside where they can ride bikes, scooters, play with chalk, or just run around and have fun.


Indoor activities include many options such as puzzles, games, arts and crafts, and even creating skits, dance moves, and various other activities. They are encouraged to invite peers to “join in” and feel part of a team. Teamwork is promoted along with ways to encourage each other and build self-esteem.

Summer Camp (6 - 12 years)

Summer camp is organized for children aged 6 to 12. Each day children learn sports and arts and crafts. They also participate in water play.


The children learn through activities. For example, on Taco Tuesday, we take the children to the grocery store to buy their own ingredients. They have to do the math to make sure they have enough money. That's real life learning!


Other field trips include going to the pool, bowling alley, movies, horse farm, library, Rita’s Italian Ices, and more. The children have fun and learn in a comfortable, safe environment.